A Comprehensive Guide To LinkedIn B2B B2C Marketing Strategy

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Marketers find ways to generate leads in almost all businesses be it B2B OR B2C. Lately, LinkedIn has become a lead generating platform that many businesses have not explored yet or just started exploring. LinkedIn provides a robust Marketing Ecosystem comprising around 700 million monthly users in more than 200 countries till September 2020. 

Therefore, for digital marketers, LinkedIn is proving to be an asset for B2B & B2C marketing purposes. With an effective and result-driven LinkedIn B2B B2C marketing strategy, you can exhibit remarkable sales for your business. Not to mention, how much you will save on your current digital marketing investment.

Why LinkedIn B2B B2C Marketing Is So Popular?

For two main reasons, LinkedIn B2B B2C marketing lead generation is so popular. One is efficiency and the other one is effectiveness. 

Survey by Hootsuite discovers 61% of LinkedIn users’ age is in between 25 – 34 years of which 43% are women while 57% are male. 

94% and 89% of B2B and B2C marketers respectively use LinkedIn for lead generation: the reason being low cost per lead than Google AdWords

Besides, LinkedIn’s search option is second to none. Personally, I like it the most among all other social media search engines. I have found it so powerful that for any search issues affiliated with LinkedIn, I barely use Google. Sometimes I think I can locate someone more efficiently than any other social media platforms through the search bar of LinkedIn. Yes, I speak highly of it as I have found it immensely feasible. 

All these issues, including cost-effectiveness, usability, and the rates of responses have made LinkedIn a powerful and popular tool for B2B B2C marketing.   

How To Become A Successful LinkedIn B2B B2C Marketing Strategist?

A digital marketing strategist should be competent enough to identify targeted consumers first. Then, he must narrow down to the most effective platforms for product promotion. He also exhibits purposeful expertise in keyword research, communication, and brainstorming creative strategies.  

Follow these top tips to ace in LinkedIn B2B B2C marketing strategies: 

  • Keep Your Company Page Updated:

Through the LinkedIn page, you can broadcast your company’s unique story. Relevant information about your business industry and your product and services will help targeted audiences to get interested in your page. For your Brand’s exposure, you can share banner images, products & services, status updates and career opportunities. To even initiate your LinkedIn B2B B2C marketing campaign, this will be the kick-starter for your Brand.  

  • Optimise Content For Search Engines:

You should consider using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to make your content utterly optimized, as Google will preview up to 156 characters of your text in its search result. Only appropriate keywords and page descriptions will help you to sustain in page rankings. Without a considerable ranking, you cannot expect results through your LinkedIn B2B B2C marketing and lead generation.  

  • Understand Your Audience And Target Accordingly:

Like every business, understanding the audience is the key to crafting successful LinkedIn B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. By providing Website Demographics, LinkedIn makes it easier for you to get into the audience’s insights and capture their personas. Through this instrument, you are able to extract data and therefore, can target your content appropriately, measure the impact and optimize the return of investment (ROI).

  • Offer Solutions To Your Audiences’ Problems:

Contents that create value are the ones that lead your digital marketing effort to succeed. Audiences only follow you once they are convinced that they can find values on your page. A part of your followers might extend their knowledge from the contents you share while others find solutions to their problems.

  • Use Convincing Visuals:

Video has its own place within all other content marketing strategies. To put emphasis on this, LinkedIn has made video sharing available for all companies and publishers. It is advisable to use native video on LinkedIn as it is uploaded directly on the LinkedIn app or the browser version rather than embedding links from YouTube or another site.

  • Maintain A Calendar Promptly:

Your content posting schedule has a tremendous influence on your LinkedIn marketing campaign’s effectiveness. 3-4 status updates per week and 1-2 long-form posts of content per month considering the time zone of your audiences might keep an ideal balance for your network connections. Eventually, it will help you get tangible results from your LinkedIn B2B B2C marketing campaigns.

  • Try Ads and Sponsored Posts

You should try LinkedIn Ad formats like Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Text Ads and most importantly, the newest and expected-to-be the most powerful one: LinkedIn Video Ads. Apart from organic methods, paid strategies are proven to bring satisfactory results in LinkedIn B2B B2C marketing.

  • A/B Testing To Evaluate Performance:

A/B Testing can help you define which tactics and strategies work for your business. Through A/B testing, sort out ultimate solutions and apply them to ensure your campaigns are progressing accurately, targeting your key prospects meticulously and saving time as well as budget on vain methods.

Summing up:

From creating and optimising the company page with utmost sincerity to posting content regularly and listening to your audience, these LinkedIn B2B B2C marketing strategies will help you bring sales to your company. At the same time, it will open opportunities to broaden your business with the possibility to take it globally. 

We attempt to share the best B2B and B2C LinkedIn marketing strategies with you. For further enlightening posts, Stay tuned!



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