How To Tackle Your Negative Brand Reputation With SEO Strategies?

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Negativity affects the brand like a plague. Dealing with customers does not always go right. There will be times your customers are criticising a product or service for some obvious reasons. As a part of business, you can never complain.

At the same time, you cannot be indifferent and let it harm your brand. So, how to tackle a negative brand reputation? How to manage the good online reputation of your company?

Since you cannot just shut the person off by deleting the comment, what to do? Here comes the term online reputation management or ORM. You can use those negative comments to strengthen your brand’s credibility and reliability through effective ORM practices.

And, here is how you do it with SEO like a pro.

1. Start with Useful and Impactful Content –

SEO bathes in quality content. Without following just the right way, focus on the best way to tackle your negative brand reputation with SEO. Compose high-quality, impactful, and evergreen content to cheer your audiences up. In case, you have a negative comment in your bag, try to post multiple contents back to back focusing on your positive sides. This way, perhaps you can outrank the negative posts showing in the top SERPs.

2. Plan Keywords Accordingly –

A good SEO strategy starts with good keyword planning and implementation. Hence, plan for newer keywords that will divert the negative issues to something else. If possible, avoid using the same keywords that you got negative feedback recently. Unless it is of great value to you, give it a pause for some periods.

3. Write a Detailed Post Explaining Your Stand –

Without beating around the bush, explaining your stand can be helpful. Besides, this is the best way to tackle your negative brand reputation with SEO. However, use helpful keywords that might help you escape the negative zone. At the same time, keep it as relevant as possible while focusing on your customer-friendly policy.

4. Respond to Every Review and Complaints –

Many business owners ignore the negative feedback from the customers. Do not do that. Instead of diminishing the severity, it will stir up the issue resulting in more negativity in your portfolio. But it is challenging to respond to every complaint for immensely popular brands. Hence, hiring an internet marketing service agency that offers social media management services might help. By taking care of every feedback in the most professional way, the best digital marketing agency in London can help you thrive.

5. Leverage Yelp, Clutch Listing –

Third-party business listing and review sites can be crucial in maintaining a good online reputation. Sites like Yelp, Clutch, etc. generate good leads while helping you to be discovered faster on search engines. Besides, their rating facilities can boost your online reputation that might diminish the effect of a negative online reputation. If you are unaware of the know-how, the best London SEO agency may help. Not only it will generate additional leads but boost SEO ranking as well.

6.  Use Social Media –

Social media is a great way to maintain a good online reputation as billions are using it daily. Whenever you have negative feedback from any of your customers, respond immediately through social media channels. Use strategic keywords, adequate visuals, and past positive vibe to change the hype.

7. Ask Google to Remove the Complaints –

Last but not the least, ask the search giant Google to remove the page or website that is spreading purposeful propaganda against you. But beware of the procedures. You can only put a request if the fact is vague with no solid foundation. Otherwise, there might be consequences.

Negative reputations can turn your business down at any moment. Based on the market value, it can pull you down on your shares, revenues, and business growth. Besides, if any of your prospects search with your targeted keywords and those negative reviews come first, no doubt it is over for you. You cannot make a single sale if this happens. However, you can tackle the negative reputation with strategic SEO. From creating more useful content to handling negative comments positively, the best SEO services in London can do it all.



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